Xylanase is an enzyme which is derived from a fungal source. This enzyme is useful in hydrolyzing D‐xylan to D‐Xylose. Hemicellulose, which is composed of Xylans, is a primary component of most plant cell walls. Xylanase will hydrolyze this component and is thus useful for a variety of applications including the viscosity reduction of wheat, barley, corncobs, and other hard to digest food stuffs. Xylanase is available in either a granular or liquid enzyme preparation designed for a wide variety of native fiber solubilization applications. This product has a wide pH spectrum of activity and does not require acidic pH adjustment for optimal activity. Xylanase Powder is a non‐GMO, nonhazardous, feed grade and industrial grade enzyme.

USES:  As a concentrated source of cellulose degrading enzymes for use as an animal feed additive, in industrial applications, sanitary applications such as waste paper degradation and as in a variety of textile processing applications. Other applications include detergents, pre-spotters and industrial cleaning compounds. This product is currently being used in Biobleaching applications for wood pulp in papermills to reduce AOX emissions.

Xylanase Powder – 900 XU/gram
Xylanase 20,000 Powder – 20,000 XU/gram
Xylanase Liquid – 34,000 XU/gram
Xylanase Concentrate – 41,000 XU/gram

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