Phytase Product Series

Phytase when used as a feed enzyme is designed specifically to improve the availability of phosphorus from plant sources. Phytase is derived from a strain of Pichia pastoris through a proprietary cultivation and extraction technique. It can degrade phytic acid into inositol, or phosphoinositide and phosphoric acid. This product can eliminate the monogastric animal anti-nutrient action due to non-decomposition of phytic acid so as to improve the utility of nutrition. This enzyme also reduces the environmental pollution caused by the use of phosphorus.

USES:  Phytase can be used in animal diets when the phytate content of the diet is more than 0.2%. Generally, there is more than .2% phytate in the corn-soybean diets. Addition of Phytase in diets can release 0.1-0.12% available phytate bound phosphorus  for laying poultry or broiler poultry, which means 5-6 Kg DCP (16% P in DCP) per ton will be saved.

ACTIVITY: 100,000 FTU/gram

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