Septic Additive

Septic Additive


MAINTAIN® LST is a bacterial enzyme blend available as a stabilized liquid concentrate for the manufacture of grease traps, septic tank, drain, and RV holding tank treatment products. MAINTAIN® LST is ready to dilute and package. The concentrated components of MAINTAIN® LST save on shipping costs. It is designed to be diluted 9:1 to make the finished product.

USAGE:  MAINTAIN® LST is designed as an additive for restaurant grease traps. Add 8 oz. for small traps and 12 oz. for large traps for first applications. Add MAINTAIN® LST to drain after running hot water for 2 minutes. After the first week, add 2-4 oz. per week to keep drains running smoothly.

Five Bacterial strains – 200 Million CFU/ml.
Protease – 3,125 PC/gram
Lipase – 20 FIP/gram
Amylase – 125 BAU/gram
Cellulase – 500 CU/gram

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