Fungal Amylase

Fungal Amylase

Fungal Amylase is an alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced by Aspergillus oryzae. It is available as a liquid or as a powder formulation. This rapid acting hydrolase is active throughout the acidic pH range, through the neutral pH range and well into the mildly alkaline range. It readily degrades a wide variety of starch-containing substrates. This product is not extremely heat-resistant compared with enzymes from bacterial sources but exhibits adequate heat resistance for many industrial and most agricultural applications where its pH range is often complementary to alpha amylase from bacterial sources.

USES:  Fungal Amylase is used in commercial starch modification, cleaning compounds, textile processing, fermentation pretreatment, and animal feed supplements. It can supplement the deficiency of endogenous amylase of young animals. It can also increase the utilization of feedstuffs by hydrolyzing the starch contained in feed to generate dextrins and sugars. In addition, this enzyme facilitates the contact between the digestive enzymes and chyme to improve nutrient absorption and utilization. Fungal amylase lowers feed conversion ratio (FCR) and improves animal production performance and utilization of energy.

ACTIVITY: 25,000 SKB/gram

Please inquire about different concentrations.

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